Liveaboard Diving in North Sulawesi with Manado based Murex Liveaboard Diving in North Sulawesi
- Sangihe Islands, Lembeh Strait, Togian Islands -
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The Murex Liveaboards

The liveaboards MV Serenade, MV Symphony and MV Arlena are the creations of Dr. Hanny Batuna of Murex Manado Resort. Dr. Batuna has explored the islands and ocean mounts of North Sulawesi extensively in recent years, using the Serenade as his vessel of discovery.

Underwater Volcano Many of the dive sites which the doctor and his colleagues have found could only be described as beyond spectacular, and there are plenty of remaining miles of unchartered diving still to be explored.

Please note: The Arlena is no longer in service. More information here.


Murex Manado Liveaboard
Diving Adventure

Open since 1987, Murex has been operating liveaboard charters for 8 years. Cruise with experienced and knowledgeable guides to the pristine Sangir (Sangihe) Islands, north of Manado.

Scientists and exploration divers alike are beginning to recognise the waters surrounding Sulawesi and her islands as being amongst the richest on earth in variety and number of tropical marine species.

Giant coral gardens of every imaginable hue are home to countless species of tropical fish, bizarre shrimps, painted lobsters and huge chameleon cuttlefish - just to name a few.

Around the mystical reef architectures cruise schools of silver Barracuda, Dolphins, Pilot Whales, curious Reef Sharks and elegant giant Rays.

Come and discover the Ocean's Richest Realm, the mystical underwater land of Sulawesi and enjoy our Minahasan hospitality on bord the Serenade, Symphony or Arlena.